Permanent public installation

'Blinded By the Sun', de Kroon, Schiemond 20-22, Rotterdam (public installation)



6 - 9 February, Art Week Rotterdam, Keilewerf (group)

13 - 15 February, Highlight Festival, Delft (group)




'Colors', Neck of The Woods, Rotterdam (group)

'Inside A Painting', YEDS Saloon, Keilewerf Festival, Rotterdam (group)

'Inside A Painting', Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven. (talk and installation)

'Inside A Painting', ART The Hague, Den Haag, NL=US Art (installation)

'Inside A Painting', BIG ART, Zaandam, NL=US Art (installation)

'Inside A Painting', Landjuweel Festival, Ruigoord (installation)

'Inside A Painting', Mandala Festival, Wanroij (installation)

'A Dance In Space', HET PLAFOND, Rotterdam (site specific installation)

'Blinded By The Sun',  What Remains Needs To Be Seen, NL=US Art, Schilderstraat 5, Rotterdam (public installation)

'Black and White Stairs',  Art Week Rotterdam, Keilewerf (group)




'Inside A Painting', ART The Hague, NL=US Art

'Inside A Painting', Kunst10daagse, BeWareHouse of Art, Bergen (group)

'Inside A Painting, The Endless Possibilities in The Absence of Order', NL=US Art (group)

'Inside A Painting', The Living Village, Dalfsen (installation)

'Coloured Thoughts', PakjeKunst, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam (group)

'Inside A Painting', Future Flux Festival, RDM Campus (installation)

'Gravity', De Geheime Tuin, Rotterdam (live installation)




'Blinded by the Sun', Urban Canvas, Rotterdam (public installation)

'The City as Canvas', Route du Nord, Rotterdam (group) 

'Co-Existence', In4Art, Amsterdam (duo) 

'The City as Canvas', Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag (solo) 

'The City as Canvas', OBJECT Art Week, Rotterdam (group) 



'Coffee waste sculptures', Heilige Boontjes , Rotterdam (solo) 

'Archiprix Expo', Architecture TU Delft , Delft (group)