My name is Tiwánee van der Horst. I am an architect, painter, sculptor and thinker. Since graduating with honours in architecture  from the Technical University of Delft in January 2016 I have focused on developing an architectural technique which I pioneered during my studies. With the fast rise of 3D printing in Architecture and the need for sustainable new ways of using materials I developed a machine that can ‘paint’ in 3D using recycled plastics. The sculptures I am currently making with this machine are geared towards researching and improving the potential of the machine and the materials for practical applications in buildings. 

The idea for this technique came from my passion for painting and its potential to enhance buildings. In 2013 I made a wall painting in a slum of Rio de Janeiro, which greatly enhanced the local community’s experience of living there. Since then, the overlap between art and architecture has become the focus of my work. 

With the new technique I have developed, painting can be seen as a science. That is to say, my work thrives off , uses and depends on factors such as material fluidity, movement, and gravity.  Take waterfalls for example, if the water from a waterfall is frozen in time and space we could make walls from falling matter. This means that we can rethink building techniques by taking more conscious inspiration from nature.

Tiwánee van der Horst


It started with a wallpainting

'A verdade leva a liberdade' / 'Truth brings freedom'

Wall painting, Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2013)


'My dream is to make art a part of our everyday environment, anywhere in the world.'



Want to know more about the research behind my work?

Tiwánee van der Horst | Graduation thesis | January 2016 | TU Delft Architecture

 Currently I work together with the faculty of Industrial Design, TU Delft. Graduate students are and have been working on the development of the 3D paint brush, AnA, under supervision of prof. Kaspar Jansen, Jo Geraedts and ir. Jouke van der Linden .