My name is Tiwánee van der Horst. I am an architect, painter, sculptor and thinker. With a wide-ranging curiosity in philosophy, natural phenomena and art, the world around me continuously inspires me in unexpected ways.


I recently graduated from the faculty of Architecture, TU Delft with an honorable mention on the grounds of a research that provides new insights in the position of architecture in relation to the visual arts through developments in digital fabrication.


Since I can remember I have had a passion for architecture. My paintings were always performed separate from my architectural work. Until in 2013, I made a wall painting in a slum of Rio de Janeiro, which had a surprising impact on the local community. Since then, I became increasingly interested in the relationship between painting and architecture and especially the area of overlap. Now, I continue to explore the possibilities in connecting the arts and sciences, where I make paintings and sculptures to rethink architectural making.


In my work, I think painting can be seen as a science, where it deals with what we can see in nature and interprets its truths. This does not mean, necessarily that we ought to make a building like a painting, but it means that we can reshape our view on and reshape our relationship with nature when taking inspiration from it. Aiming to obtain a higher level of awareness of the things, objects and phenomena around us.